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Donald W. Davison, DDS   FAGD

50 Tom Miller Rd., Plattsburgh, NY 12901

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What is best for your family?

You have many choices for your family dentist.  A smaller solo practice, or a larger group?  What about specialized care?  Convenience?  Insurance participation? There is a lot to consider. 


My practice philosophy is to treat your family, the same way I would my own. Preventive care is best, and when treatment is needed, less is better than more.  I am conservative in my treatment recommendations.


I have a great staff and I think you will like them too!  I have been fortunate to have little turnover.  Since my office staff is so small,  you can rest easy that you will see familiar faces at each visit.  Children especially benefit from this continuity.  

Specialized Care 

As your family's "general dentist", I often refer procedures that can be done by specialists.  Plattsburgh and the Champlain Valley have excellent dental specialists.  Probably someone in your family has been treated by one.  Examples are orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, pedodontists, and prosthodontists.  As your family dentist, I will work with the various specialists to make sure you get the best treatment. 

It is a little less convenient for the patient to be referred.  And for routine general dentistry it is not needed.  But modern dentistry has gotten so complex that it has become more and more specialized. Medicine is that way too wouldn't you agree?  

When referred, you will be treated by someone who is an expert in that field, does treatment in that one area very well, and has the technical equipment and expertise to handle complications. So you get the benefits of a small practice like mine, and still get the best expert available for your dental situation! 


Even though I do refer many specialized procedures, I have certainly kept up in the field of general dentistry.  I have over 1,600 hours of continuing education credits, and met the requirements for the designation "Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry".   Even scored 99 on their exam!

Affordable care

I am a provider for several insurance plans.  Even during times when we have had to stop taking new patients, I have continued to participate.   I took Medicaid for decades but had to quit in the midst of the covid lockdown  as it was just no longer workable for a  small private office. 


Of course we practice proper sterilization, and use disposables as much as possible. We do routine third party "spore testing" to be sure our sterilization is effective.  Spore testing is the same way hospitals test their sterilization.   

Also, our COVID precautions include HEPA medical grade air cleaners in all  operatories and waiting room, "upper air germicidal irradiation" units in each operatory, and of course N95, KN05, level 3 masks and faceshilelds.  I myself am triple covid vaccinated as of this writing.  

Comfort and Privacy

We have operatories that are regular rooms, not just partitions in a large bay where you can hear multiple patients and the ongoing treatment.  I only have 3 treatment rooms, and they are each separate and not in view of each other.  

Digital x-rays

We have digital x-rays1.  This reduces the patient's exposure a great deal. However, the radiation dose from all dental x-rays (film or digital) is inconsequential2.  

We do the insurance work for you

Insurance claims are all submitted by us.   We will create and submit all claims.

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                          Member American Dental Association, New York State Dental Society, Fourth District Dental Society, Adirondack Dental Society, North Country Chamber of Commerce.